After activating the plugin, go to the Talque main menu in the admin area and enter the ID of your event.

‌Talque pages

The talque plugin comes with a set of predefined pages to display the content from your event. These are implemented as Wordpress custom post types, if you are familiar with that terminology. To add them to your Wordpress site menu, start by going to Appearance -> Menus in the admin area and edit (or create) your menu.
‌Click on "Screen Options" on the top right and make sure that Talque is selected under Boxes. Then you will see Talque as a source for menu entries, below Pages and Posts. The Talque options are:
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Lecture List
  • Speaker List
  • Speaker Grid

Single pages

In addition to the pages that display a list of speakers/lectures/companies... there are also corresponding single pages that display only a single speaker, single lecture, or single company. This is analogous to Wordpress' blog/single blog or pages/single page.