Style Options
The shortcodes accept optional attributes, which customize the display of your data. Valid settings are as follows.

Speaker Photo

Speaker photo determines how the photos are displayed on the speaker grid:
  • speakerPhoto="SQUARE" photos are square (default)
  • speakerPhoto="ROUNDED" photos have rounded corners
  • speakerPhoto="CIRCULAR" photos are circular

Background Color

The background color adapts fonts for sufficient contrast on top of the background set by wordpress page. Note that actually setting the background color is the responsibilty of the wordpress page:
  • backgroundColor="LIGHT" uses black text (default, appropriate for light background)
  • backgroundColor="DARK" uses white text (appropriate for dark background)

Time Tics

Time tics on the talk grid can be styled as
  • timeTic="SIMPLE" just the time (default)
  • timeTic="STYLIZED" display tics in an arrow

Depth (3d shadows)

Where appropriate, the talque plugin can draw a 3d shadow. Options are:
  • depth="OUTSET" add a subtle 3d shadow (default)
  • depth="FLAT" no 3d shadows


With padding you can customize the space around the talque content, to prevent it from being too close to other design elements on your page. Padding accepts any css padding values: Either a single css length, or a pair, or a 4-tuple.
  • padding="1em" Add one em padding on all four sides
  • padding="10px 0" Add 10px on top/bottom and no padding on the left/right
  • padding="10px 20px 30px 40px" Add the given padding on top, right, bottom, left
On mobile, there is a separate setting for the padding. It accepts the same css padding values as above. For example:
  • mobilePadding="1em" Add one em padding on all four sides

Max Width

The max width setting imposes an upper limit on the talque content, and can be set to any css length. The actual width might be narrower, for example if the wordpress theme or the browser size constrains it further. For example:
  • maxwidth="980px" limit the talque content to 980px


The primary and accent colors can be set to any html color code, for example:
  • primary="#6c6906" use this primary color
  • accent="#d9d73f" use this accent color

Further documentation

Our complete documentation for the talque Wordpress plugin can be found at https://talque.gitbook.io.
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