Filter Options

Talk listings

The shortcodes displaying a list of talks are
  • [talque-talk-list]
  • [talque-talk-grid]
They allow filtering of the schedule to display only a subset of all talks. The available filters are
  • date="yyyymmdd" to only display the schedule on a particular day. The timezone defining the day start/end is set in the talque admin backend.
  • tags="tag1,tag2,..." to display the talks that carry at least one of the give tags. Note that talk taxonomy is an optional feature, so this filter is only relevant if you defined tags for your talks in the talque admin backend.

Referencing past events

The shortcodes accept an ID that overrides the one set in the wordpress admin interface. That way, you can display speakers and talks from historic events. To do so, add orgId="..." to the shortcode, for example:
  • [talque-speaker-grid orgId="qRY08MFxsIo97DecfEPk"]
  • [talque-talk-list orgId="qRY08MFxsIo97DecfEPk"]
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