Firewall Configuration

Basic requirements

In order to use basic features of the talque website and mobile apps you should have unfiltered access to
    Whitelist domains: *.talque.com
    All IPv4 and IPv6 blocks listed in ASNs of 714, 15169
    TCP port 80, and 443
    TCP ports 5223, 5228, 5229, 5230 (for Push Notifications)

Video calls

To use the integrated video calls you also need to open
    Whitelist domains: *.talque.com (or the ASN AS16509)
    TCP ports 80, 443
    TCP + UDP ports 10000-20000
In order to see images in media galleries and download files you need access to
    TCP Port 80 and 443
    *.googleapis.com (included in the ASN 15169)

Viewing videos and livestreams

In order to watch livestreams, you need access to
    TCP Port 80 and 443

Sending livestreams

In order to send livestreams, that is, produce the livestream at your location and upload from there, you need network access to
    TCP Port 1935, 80, 443
    UDP Port 53, 2088
    TCP + UDP Ports 3478, 19305-19307, 19307, 50000 - 64000
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