The public talque JSON API allows programmatic access to talk and speaker information. It is readonly and does not include private information, it is just a machine-readable version of the data that would be displayed by the Wordpress plugin, for example. There is no authentication required, only the public web site feature must be enabled in talque. In other words, the JSON API is available if and only if one can use the external website plugin. Sometimes authorization can be provided in order to read data that is not public, for example unpublished speakers or lectures. Finally, see webhooks if you want to programmatically change (write) talque data instead.
All resources are referenced by a single or pair of identifiers; Identifiers are case-sensitive sequences of ascii letters and digits of the form [0-9a-zA-Z]+
Pictures like speaker photos have immutable urls, that is, the content of the photo can only change if the serving url changes as well. In other words, photos can be cached indefinitely using their URL as cache key.
All requests must contain a valid JSON string as body.
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