Lectures are the individual timed events in an organization.

Lecture Data

"DE_DE":"Mein Untertitel",
"EN_US":"Very Punny"
"DE_DE":"Sehr *Abstrakt*",
"EN_US":"Very *abstract*"
"DE_DE":"<div class=\"msg_div\">\n<p class=\"msg_p\">Sehr <strong class=\"msg_strong\">Abstrakt<\/strong><\/p>\n<\/div>",
"EN_US":"<div class=\"msg_div\">\n<p class=\"msg_p\">Very <strong class=\"msg_strong\">abstract<\/strong><\/p>\n<\/div>"
"isPublic": true,
"isPublished": true,
"DE_DE":"Workshop Titel",
"EN_US":"Workshop title"
"partCollection": {
"adminDeck": null,
"customData": {
"data": []
"deck": {
"fileId": "3lKgbfKXaO4x3CFus5md",
"fileType": "BINARY",
"mimeType": "PDF",
"name": "slide-deck-for-publication.pdf",
"size": 96170,
"url": "https://event.talque.com:80/api/v1/file/org/AXkXpGsPRCYot59BKKNQ/file/3lKgbfKXaO4x3CFus5md",
"files": [],
"parts": []
"video": {
"videoType": "VIMEO",
"url": "https://vimeo.com/344517194",
"size": {
"width": 640,
"height": 480
"vimeoId": "344517194",
"thumbnail": "https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/794021636.webp"
"vendors": [

General Data

  • backgroundImage (optional string): Serving URL of the background image

  • customData (object): Extension data for custom fields

  • description (translated text): Abstract of the lecture

  • descriptionHtml (translated text): Injection-safe HTML code of the description. Only non-empty when markdown processing for the description is explicitly turned on.

  • lectureId (identifier): Unique identifier for the lecture

  • format (optional string): Lecture format

  • isHighlight (boolean): Whether the lecture is marked as a highlight lecture

  • mtime (integer): Last modification time of the record

  • name (translated text): Title of the lecture

  • partCollection (object): Files (slide deck and misc files) and data about sub-sessions if there are any.

  • roomId (optional string): Room identifier. The room with this id is where the lecture takes place.

  • tags (array of strings): Tags of the lecture (for filtering the schedule)

  • topics (array of strings): The topics of the lecture

Time and duration

  • period(object): The time interval of the lecture. Contains the following keys:

    • duration (number): The duration in minutes

    • end (integer): UTC timestamp of the start of the lecture

    • isTimed (boolean): Always true for lecture

    • periodType (string): Always "TIME" for lecture

    • start (integer): UTC timestamp of the start of the lecture



Each speaker has a unique identifier, see the Speaker section for more details.

  • speakers (array of strings): List of speaker identifiers. This includes e.g. presenters.

  • speakerRole (object): Map speaker identifiers to special roles as strings. Currently, the only available role is MODERATOR for the presenter of a lecture.


Usually, a single language is assigned to the lecture. However, it can contain multiple values e.g. if there is translation provided.

  • languages (array of strings): List of languages that the lecture is available at.

  • languageOther (translated text): Label to use if "other language" is listed under languages.

Available language codes are a subset of ISO 639-3 together with OTHER. Currently supported are:

  • OTHER: Free text field

  • RUS: Russian

  • DEU: German

  • FRA: French

  • ENG: English

  • TUR: Turkish

  • ITA: Italian

  • SPA: Spanish

  • UKR: Ukrainian

  • POL: Polish

  • NLD: Dutch


The video field is only returned with authenticated API requests. The video.url sub-field is a iframe-embeddable video player for the lecture video stream.

Associated partners (Sponsors & Exhibitors)

The vendors field contains a list of vendor identifiers that are associated to this lecture. Currently this will always return at most one id, but in the future we will allow multiple associated partners.