The most recent version of the Wordpress plugin is at https://storage.googleapis.com/assets.talque.com/plugin/wp/talque-view-LATEST.zip

Upload plugin

Installation of the plugin is the same as with other Wordpress plugins, just go to WP admin → Plugins → Add New and then click on the Upload Plugin button. After the upload is finished click on Activate to enable the plugin.


Once the talque view plugin is activated, a new Talque menu point is added to the WP admin panel. There, you have to tell the plugin which event you want to be shown. In detail, the settings are
  • Organization ID: This is unique to your event. Setting it determines which data pool of speakers/lectures/... to display.
  • View ID: This determines the styling and default values for filters. Usually you only have a unique view ID, but you can have e.g. two web pages that display a different subset of your lectures, and with a different design.
  • Backend: should be PROD except for testing.
We will give you both the organization and view ID for your event.