Video rooms

talque supports user-specific video rooms that do not require authentication, so you can provide your conference participants with their personal video meeting room even if they have not signed up for a talque account.

Since they do not require a talque account or any other authentication, a distinct room must be used for each meeting. By opening the link below your users will be guided to a web page where they can generate unique video room urls. These must then be shared with the video call participants, for example by adding it to the calendar invite.

External ID

The url for the video room generator page can be derived from an external ID that only exists outside of talque, and is of the form<org_id>/ext/<ext_id>/video/<ext_id_hash>


  • <org_id> is the organization id of your event

  • <ext_id> is the external ID of the user

  • <ext_id_hash> is the hash of the external id, see below for details.


The external id is considered public, so it must be hashed with a secret that is unique to your organization to avoid others guessing it. Specifically, the id is concatenated, as string, with the secret and then hashed with SHA-256. Contact us if you need to know the secret for your integration.

from hashlib import sha256
def ext_id_hash(ext_id):
return sha256(str(ext_id) + 'my-secret').hexdigest()